What's it all about?
Morris Dancers of England promote a wonderful pastime in the hope that it will provide entertainment, amusement and inspiration in the safety of your own home and perhaps capture your imagination enough to take part. Each dvd runs for approximately 30 or longer minutes and features a combination of performances from outside pubs, on tours and festivals. Some with an additional informative interview with someone who might know something about their side and a view on morris dancing.

Who are we?
Stephen and Heather Newland.
Steve is proud to be an honorary member of Silurian Border Morris Men. He presently dances with Lodestone Border Morris in Tavistock. He has danced Cotswold with Dartington Morris Men and is a former Squire with Dartmoor Border Morris. Over the years he has had the opportunity to perform with a number of sides in cameo appearances, his most memorable were mumming with the Frome Valley Morris Mummers and Wessex Morris Men Mummers. Steve has a great love for the morris and related traditions. Heather is his long suffering wife and Unit 2 video operator and photographer. She is also a former Bagman for Dartmoor.
We offer one of the largest morris collections available on dvd. This is an enjoyable hobby for us and we hope the enthusiasm, music and tradition will rub off on you.

Steve interviews Sean Goddard of Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men, in where else .. but a pub! While Heather presents a cheque for DVDs sold to Babylon.
Exotic Locations
Look out for. Exotic locations like Ledbury, Chippenham, Lewes and Bristol.

What is the frequency?
Most of the footage is collected during the summer. Obviously, trying to find interesting and exciting morris isn't easy - we want to show it in it's best light - without bloopers and injuries.

Are you a Morris Dance side?
We would love to have your side as part of our collection. For each copy sold a contribution is made to your treasury.

Video Work
We are always happy to quote for other video work - from birthday celebrations and vintage tractor runs to wedding parties. Reasonable fees just drop us a line.

Footage Library
We can now offer footage to interested film makers and advertising agencies. Subject to licence fee and 3rd party fees.

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